The Results Are In: NCMS Snapshot Survey on Low-Value Care

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s April Snapshot Survey on low-value care, that is care that provides little to no clinical value and is otherwise avoidable or unnecessary. The results are revealing and will help as North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) leadership weighs future policies around health care reforms and the move to value-based care.

While we’re still analyzing the results several takeaways are apparent.

  • A wide variety of factors play into your decision-making process – training and experience as well as clinical evidence are major contributors. Patient expectations play a prominent role. Reimbursement and malpractice concerns are also taken into consideration by some when making clinical decisions.
  • Respondents also mentioned consultation with colleagues, clinician fatigue, insurance requirements like prior authorization and corporate rules when making decisions for their patients.
  • The response to being paid less for low-value care was mixed with no clear consensus.
  • The idea of being rewarded for practicing high-value care, however, was embraced by many respondents.

The monthly Snapshot survey is a valuable tool to help NCMS leaders and advocacy staff understand your perspective on timely topics. We encourage you to watch for the monthly email with the survey link and to take just 60 seconds to respond to the five questions. As an added incentive, we give away six $100 gift cards to randomly selected respondents.


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