School Psychologist Licensure & Non-Profit Insurance Bill

HB 933 – Reciprocity/School Psychologist Licensure

Primary Sponsors: Rep. Josh Dobson (R-Avery), Rep. John Torbett (R-Gaston), Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett), Rep. Marvin Lucas (D-Cumberland)

Bill Summary

This bill would allow the State Board of Education to grant a license to practice as a school psychologist to any individuals who hold the Nationally Certified School Psychologist Credential. This was a recommendation by the House Select Committee on School Safety.

*Proposed Committee Substitute Additions – June 12, 2018*

Section 5

This portion would allow a small employer or insurer to provide health insurance coverage to small employers who employ fewer than 16 eligible employees and does not comply with the underwriting rating and other applicable standards in this Act. This is a change from current law which requires 26 employees.

Section 6

This portion would allow certain non-profit health benefit plans not to be subject to this Chapter.

This section would require a non-profit organization that sponsors a self-funded health benefit plan to be incorporated in NC, in existence for 10 years, determined to be tax exempt under 501 (c), and provide membership to all eligible individuals in all 100 counties in the State.

It would allow two or more nonprofits to jointly sponsor a health benefit plan. Any organization participating would be required to file for certification with the Secretary of State certifying they meet the qualifications.


Bill Movement

This bill was filed on May 16, 2018. The bill passed first reading and the rules were suspended to allow the bill to be heard in the House Health Committee on May 16, 2018. The bill received a favorable report and was placed on the House Calendar for May 17, 2018.

This bill was sent via special message to the Senate on May 18, 2018. This bill was re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee on May 21, 2018. This bill was withdrawn from the Senate Rules Committee and re-referred to the Senate Health Care Committee on June 6, 2018. A Proposed Committee Substitute passed the Senate Health Committee on June 12, 2018. This bill passed the Senate Rules Committee on June 13, 2018.

This bill was heard in the Senate on June 14, 2018. Sen. Ralph Hise (R-Madison) sent forward an amendment to clarify that the non-profit plans could not discriminate and it passed 44-0. The bill passed 37-7 and will return to the House for concurrence. The House did not concur with a vote 38-53.

However, the school psychologist portion was included in an amendment by Rep. Craig Horn (R-Union) in SB 735 – Various OLB and Administrative Law Changes.


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