NCMS Foundation Webinar: Facing Behavioral Health/Substance Use Disorder Challenges

Registration is open for the free Lunch & Learn Webinar, “Facing Behavioral Health/Substance Use Disorder Challenges in Individuals with Chronic Illness” scheduled for Tuesday, May 15, noon-1pm. Learn more and register.

Kathy Smith, PhD, Chief Operating Officer, and Mike Rhoades, MBA, Chief Executive Officer at Blaze Advisors will lead an interactive discussion on the prevalence, detection and response to behavioral health and substance use issues in Individuals with chronic Illness.  The team will present and discuss prevalence of behavioral health illness in chronic and polychronic populations and how these un/undertreated behavioral health conditions can impact treatment adherence, compliance and patient self-care; frustrating health outcomes and inflating cost of care.  Care coordination tools, practices and billable assessment codes will be highlighted to allow providers to better identify and respond to challenges their patients may be facing. With the industry focus on Integrated Health, don’t miss this opportunity to stay up to date on the changing landscape of care.

Register now.


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