NCGA Extra Session Florence Relief

The North Carolina General Assembly reconvened for the Third Extra Session on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

The Joint Appropriations/Base Budget Committee  discussed SB 2 – School Calendar & Pay/Hurricane Florence. and HB 4 – Hurricane Florence Relief Act.

SB 2 – School Calendar & Pay/Hurricane Florence

This bill provides school calendar flexibility to ensure compensation for school employees.The bill also allows students enrolled in an educator preparation program to be allowed an exemption to accommodate missed classroom time.

This bill passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Senate floor vote on October 2, 2018.

This bill passed in the House and will now be sent to Gov. Cooper.

HB 4 – Hurricane Florence Relief Act


This bill appropriates $56,500,000 from the savings reserve to the Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Fund to be used for relief efforts. $6,500,000 will be used to replace lost compensation of school lunch employees due to school closures. $50,000,000 will be appropriated for State match for federal appropriations and for continuing relief assistance to disaster areas.


This bill extends the voter registration deadline to October 15, 2018. The bill also allows for county board of elections to replace a voting location, if the location was damaged due to Hurricane Florence. The county board of elections will also be responsible for educating the public on these changes.

Public Health

The bill also encourages the NCDHHS, Division of Public Health to work with local health departments to expedite mosquito control efforts.

Fee Waivers

The bill also allows certain DMV fees and homeowner recovery fees to be waived.

This bill passed the House Appropriations Committee and the House floor on October 2.

This bill passed the Senate on October 2, and will now be sent to Governor Cooper.


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