Joint Health Appropriations Meeting – DSS/NC FAST

The Joint Health Appropriations Committee met on March 19, 2019.

Base Budget Overview

Deborah Landry, NCGA Fiscal Research Staff

The majority of the Department of Social Services budget is obtained from grants and federal funds.

One notable budget appropriation from last year was the Social Services Block Grant. This grant provided $3 million in nonrecurring funding in each year of in the biennium to assist the counties in the implementation of the Child Welfare case manager system in NC FAST.

The presentation also provided an overview of the Disaster Food and Nutrition Services (D-FNS) program. This program is available for recipients if they experience disaster related hardship. Eligibility is based on available income, resources, and documented statement of food loss. This program was implemented in 34 counties with a 92% approval rate of applicants. The average benefit per household was $411.

The presentation also informed the Committee that there has been an increase in the number of children in Foster Care since the implementation of raising the age of foster care to 21.

NC FAST Child Welfare Case Management System 

Susan Perry-Manning, Department of Health and Human Services

This past year, 133,538 children were the subjects of 154,481 assessments for abuse and neglect. 41% of these children were ages birth to five. Over the past 4 years, the number one reason for neglect/abuse was substance abuse with drugs being the largest factor.

The presenter provided the Committee an overview of the counties that are still using a paper based system.

The committee was also given information on the the ongoing functionality of the current system.


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