CMS Offers Administrative Simplification Standards To Save Time and Money

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offers Administrative Simplification standards that can help you streamline your paperwork and reduce costs.

According to CMS, by adopting their standards for electronic transactions, you can reduce the time your practice spends on insurance and billing tasks.

In a series of upcoming Email Update messages, CMS will explore how health care providers and health plans can see significant cost savings by complying with Administrative Simplification standards.

Future Email Updates will focus on basics about:

CMS says that widespread use of Administrative Simplification has the potential to decrease health costs, time spent on paperwork, and administrative burden across the health care community, giving providers more time for patient care.

Visit the Administrative Simplification website for more about standard transactions. Check out the infographic and fact sheet to learn more about Administrative Simplification.


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1 Comment

  • Kerry Allen Willis

    In no way shape or form will changing anything on that list lead to providers having more time with patients. Physicians time is being occupied with stupid rules like prior approvals for chronic pain management put in place by the clueless who think more paperwork will cure anything. Prior approvals for medicines deemed to be unsafe according to a list by people who have read the qualifiers discussed by the folks who wrote the list much less understood. Our time is being consumed by regulations that require me to complete the same form every six months so a diabetic can get test strips and everyone wants to use a different form and fill out three to four different pieces of paper to allow me to control someone’s blood sugar. Our time and frustrations arise from BCBS and their imaging prior approvals that make us send someone to the ED and increase their costs rather than order the studies as an outpatient because they think its best without any basis in science or reality much less medicine to support their guidelines.
    I applaud CMS for their concern about my time spent on paperwork They are absolutely 180 degrees away from the correct course to change anything meaningful to help us.