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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-24-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-24-19

    Welcome to a new work week. Enjoy your Monday NCMS Morning Rounds! June 24, 2019 NCMS Weekly Legislative Round-Up Last week saw more bills moving through committee and into position […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-21-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-21-19

    Enjoy the Summer Solstice and your Friday NCMS Morning Rounds! June 21, 2019 Another Eastern NC Practice Receives NCMS Disaster Relief Help The Pediatric Center in Wilmington was without power […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-20-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-20-19

    Here is your Thursday NCMS Morning Rounds.  June 20, 2019 Report from NC AMA Delegation The NC AMA Delegation made up of John Fagg, MD; Chuck Willson, MD; Mary Ann Contogiannis, […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-19-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-19-19

    Halfway through the week and time for your Wednesday NCMS Morning Rounds.  June 19, 2019 Send Us A Beautiful Picture You can still submit your stunning photographic images for the 2019 […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-18-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-18-19

    Here’s Your Tuesday NCMS Morning Rounds.  June 18, 2019 NCMS Delivers Statement on State Health Plan to Treasurer For more than a year, as NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell has pushed […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-14-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-14-19

     It’s Friday! Enjoy the week’s last NCMS Morning Rounds! June 14, 2019 NCMS’ Seligson Weighs in on Federal Debate over Surprise Billing NCMS CEO Robert W. Seligson, MBA, MA in his […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-10-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-10-19

    Welcome to the new week and your Monday NCMS Morning Rounds.  June 10, 2019 NCMS Weekly Legislative Update Several bills of  importance to NCMS members generated discussion and action this week […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-6-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-6-19

    Welcome to your Thursday NCMS Morning Rounds. June 6, 2019 Reaching Those at Risk for Hepatitis A The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has prioritized reaching […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 6-4-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 6-4-19

    Happy Tuesday! It’s time for your NCMS Morning Rounds. June 4, 2019 Alert: July 1 Deadline to Join State Health Plan Network For those who serve members of the State […]

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  • NCMS Morning Rounds 5-24-19

    NCMS Morning Rounds 5-24-19

     Here’s your Friday NCMS Morning Rounds! Enjoy the long weekend! NCMS Foundation Check Helps Black River Family Practice Walker Ray, MD, a member of the NCMS Foundation Board of Trustees was […]

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